Failed Blogger Returns to Blogging…Again.

Ok…so how many of you have started a blog with the earnest commitment that you WILL post every week or month or whatever. You post once…maybe twice and that’s it, that’s where it sits and you pretty much forget you started the thing in the first place. That’s me. I can’t count how many times I’ve started a blog with the idea that I WILL keep my family updated on my life or I WILL inspire women around the world with my deep words of wisdom only to fail miserably after a post or maybe two but probably one. Well…I’m back, “she says with her head down and eyes closed”. Let’s try this again…I mean why not…right?

I’m Sharalee. I am married to Jerry and I have five kids, Corbin, Liam, John, Peyton and Lylah. I’m a mess that God has lovingly and carefully pieced back together with His grace. What do I have to say? Well, I want to share my story. Maybe it’s the everyday story of the life of a wife and mom or maybe it’s that perfect piece of wisdom that God has lovingly repeated to me a thousand times until I’ve finally gotten it and can’t wait to shout it from the mountain tops. No matter the story, I pray everything I write is soaked in the story of God’s redemption in my life. After all, the blood of Jesus has washed me clean and I need to tell you about it!


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